What is EDI

EDI stands for "Electronic Data Interchange". The so-called EDI interface of io-market enables companies to send and receive business data, such as orders, in a structured, machine-readable format. This means that incoming orders can be transferred directly into the system and executed without further processing, and without the need to manually enter and file the order in advance. This solution works for all paper-based business transactions, such as invoices, delivery bills, order confirmations, etc.

With EDI, any company can interact virtually with another organization anywhere in the world, without the hassle of waiting.
What is EDI
How does EDI work
How does EDI work

An EDI interface allows your company to transmit business data (which includes purchase orders, delivery bills, and invoices) in a structured format so that io-market can convert the files to the recipient's format and forward them. The ERP and accounting systems can "read" and "understand" the structured files. A PDF invoice, on the other hand, is not machine-readable and must first be prepared. io-market offers a streamlined solution for this file format as well. The preparation and conversion of these documents saves numerous work steps and is less prone to errors.

With PDF2XML is any document machine readable

Many, especially smaller companies and suppliers, often still send PDF files or printed documents because they are quickly typed and uncomplicated for small businesses. With our PDF2XML solution, we convert these common PDF files and documents into structured, machine-readable files to be available for EDI later.

Benefits of EDI

The goal is to increase process automation via the EDI network and eliminate paper-based business transactions. The elimination of many manual steps increases efficiency in the company and facilitates the entire procurement process. Digital communication from the order to the delivery bill to the invoice also facilitates international trade. You benefit from a uniform digital standard.


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